About Bankless Africa

We are on a quest to help onboard 1 billion Africans to crypto.

Who We Are


Bankless Africa taps into the vision and mission of the BanklessDAO to help onboard everyday Africans to bitcoin, defi and web3. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Defi and other related crypto innovations have ushered the world into a new dawn. A frontier for achieving true economic freedom, self-sovereignty and financial independence. Bankless Africa is here to help steer, guide and educate Africa to take part in this frontier.


Our mission is to promote, educate and propagate truly bankless media, culture and education towards the adoption of trustless, decentralized money systems and blockchain technology.


Our vision is to be a driving force for capacity building, economic empowerment and financial sovereignty in Africa.



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Bankless Africa also operates as a development consultancy with the express purpose of identifying, supporting and executing various projects and tactics to accelerate African Development through web 3.0 and subsequent derivative technologies.